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The Love that we never saw it coming…

We have created this page to be able to look back on the memories that we have shared together and the things that we are grateful for in our lives. We also want to share to all of you our beautiful stories that God has made. Enjoy and Take Care. 💋

Do not be dismay if you are single at this moment. Enjoy the journey that you have right now and love yourself a little more.

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Posting new blogs daily. 💋

About Us

Hi, This is James and Nicole. We first met each other when we were in college year 2009. We were like 19 years old. We never thought that we will meet again and share a strong bond that we never thought is possible. It is like a dream that we never saw coming again in our lives. Nicole loves to cook, eat, read books that intensify her passion, write but she felt timid to show it to the world. James loves to help others, watch movies he can recall a lot of movies in just a snap, loves good music.

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